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Want to get away..... escape to the sun...... but all whilst improving your fitness, health and over all well-being? Then you are in the right place. We offer various fantastic retreats centered around your health, wellness and love of sun and fun.

On our retreats we aim to give you an all round health boost. You will be doing Yoga and Pilates to improve flexibility and mobility; Zumba and Dance to trim and slim; Meditation for mind and soul and finally great social activities with the group, including chilling by the pool and making new friends: making you feel re-energized and ready to face life.   

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5 Reasons Why You Will Love Our Retreats

Our wellness retreats have been a massive success year on year with some participants having attended ALL of them over the past 3 years. We believe they are such a success because with each retreat we go out of our way to make sure we have the FIVE KEY ELEMENTS TO A PERFECT FITNESS/ WELLNESS RETREAT:  

1. Great Locations: Sun, Sea and Sand

We aim to take you to beautiful locations around the world. Everyone of our retreat holidays is in an inspiring location with great weather, beautiful landscapes and relaxing beaches or nature.  Each location is picked to make you feel relaxed and to allow for you to get re-energised by the beauty of the world. They serve the perfect backdrop for all the fun fitness classes and meditation you will be doing on the retreat. 

Photos below have all been taken on location on past retreats:

2. Great Accommodation 

Before each retreat Tara does vigorous research on finding you the perfect accommodation for each holiday. Each location is visited by Tara herself before each retreat, ensuring it is perfect. Accommodation is included in the package retreat price and ALL the main classes take part in the hotel/holiday complex itself. This means you don't have to face tedious trips to studios. The holiday and classes are all seconds from your room.
Photos below are of accommodation on past retreats:

3. The Best Fitness and Health Instructors 

Tara is a fitness expert with over 19 years of knowledge. Along with Tara, depending on the size of  each trip, you will have between 1-4 brilliant, experienced instructors with you for the duration of the trip. Every trainer is at the top of their industry and knows how to get you moving. They are ALWAYS there for all your needs and questions. They will motivate you, inspire you and no matter your level of fitness and health, you will feel included and pushed in the classes and activities, You will love them. 

Photos of the trainers on past trips:

4. A Brilliant Selection of Classes

Unlike a lot of retreats that only concentrate on a single fitness discipline, one of the best things about our retreats, is just how varied our classes and activities are. Each day you will be participating in different fitness and wellness activities, which help in different ways: improving flexibility, toning muscles, shedding fat and relaxation for both mind and body. 

Classes that we offer on trips include Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aqua Fitness, Zumba, dance (including belly-dance), meditation classes, ball and step fitness, aerobics and MUCH MUCH MORE .....

You will come back feeling better and healthier in more ways than you can imagine.

Photos below of classes on past retreats:

5. Lots of Socialising, Having Fun and Making Friends

No matter how serious we are about fitness and health, we also LOVE TO HAVE FUN. The most healthy you can be is happy and this is what we aim for more than anything else on our retreats. Our retreats are not just about getting you fitter and healthier; they are about re-energizing you, making you feel better from the inside out and getting you to let your hair down and feel GOOD! 

All our trips have a feel good vibe, with plenty of time for chilling by the pool, going out in the evening and having fun.


Our retreats WELCOME EVERYONE.  Don't be shy about your age, size or fitness ability: we include and LOVE everyone, All you need to attend is a bit of motivation to improving your health and a love for sunshine!! 


The friendships you make on our holidays will stay with you for life. 

Just check out these pictures from past trips and see how much fun you could be having....

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get signed up to finding out about all our up and coming trips. 

Have a group of colleagues or friends you would like a tailor made fitness retreat for? Get in contact about our private retreat options. 

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