About Tara Lee


Hi and welcome to my site. I’m Tara a fitness and wellness expert based in East London. For the past 19 years I’ve dedicated my life to dance, fitness and massage therapy. With this knowledge and experience I want to help you achieve your health goals.


I know first-hand just how much the right fitness, dance and wellness plan can change your life. Making you feel more energised, healthy, empowered and happier. Nothing drives me more than when I see my clients happy and achieving their personal goals.  I feel lucky to work in an industry that makes such a difference to people’s lives.

Working with me, you will get tailor made plans and services covering all aspects of your well-being, from personal training for physical fitness, dance for joy and expression, and massage/yoga for mental calmness and beyond.


All these services can be for private one-on-one sessions, small groups, companies who care about their staff and one-off events such as festivals and workshops.

Qualifications and Training

I am fully trained and qualified in all the services and fitness disciplines that I offer.  I am also constantly staying up to date with any new developments in the health market. A list of my certificates and qualifications can be found here. You can therefore be reassured that when working with me, not only are you getting a great experience, you are getting the best legitimate service the market can offer - something of the utmost importance when concerning your health.

Even more reassuring is not just qualifications and experience but the passion to back it up. Besides having had 100s of happy personal clients achieving their goals (check out testimonials here):  I have taught 1000s of classes in London’s most exclusive gyms, performed in 18 countries - my biggest live audience being 10,000 and tv audience of over 1 billion. I’ve achieved Guinness World Records for my dancing, owned and managed a touring theatre company: which featured in BBC news. Lead my own creative projects with arts council funding and organised many sell out fitness and dance events, shows and workshops.

Let’s get started

Start today with me and I am confident with my knowledge, experience and passion that together we can achieve a healthier you!

So, what are you waiting for? I’m ready to go - get in contact TODAY!