Fitness Classes and Personal Training with Tara 


Want to get the best out of your work outs? Feel you're going to the gym but not seeing the results? Lack motivation to work out or often give up? Waste money on gym memberships you just don't use? Feel overwhelmed and not sure what exercise or activities you should be doing to best achieve your fitness and health aims? 


Having Tara as a personal trainer with a tailor made fitness program is a perfect solution to these issues. Tara is trained to know and give you the path to the right exercise for you! Not all bodies are the same or react to exercise in the same way. Tara will put together a plan that takes into account YOUR personal body requirements. 

If you don’t know which exercises are most effective for the goals you have, you are unlikely to achieve them. With Tara by your side your workouts will be more efficient and effective, yielding results faster, preventing you from the possibility of injuring yourself and effectively giving you better value for money in your fitness investments. 

You will be set realistic goals and one of the things that Tara excels at and loves about her job is motivating and inspiring her clients to stick to and achieve them. She believes and knows you can do it! 

Classes can be made to fit in with you scheduled and be carried out in locations practical you, be it in your home, local gym, the park or Tara's home studio.  

So what are you waiting for? Make an inquiry today and it will be your first step to a better you!