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Shesensu Teacher Training


Shesensu is a unique fitness concept that combines cardio, sculpt, stretch and mindfulness.


Developed over many years but launched in January 2021, it's a class that mixes Ancient and Modern, Eastern and Western into one intelligent movement flow.


Expect a soundtrack of world, electronic and tribal beats that touches you to the core.  It's about being playful, mindful and sensual whilst achieving an effective workout that brings balance physically and mentally. 

The liberating primal movements allow you to feel free, mobile and like a dancer. Shesensu is about  encouraging love and appreciation for the body... letting you admire what your body can do rather then what it looks like.  


You will leave the class feeling strong, flexible and lifted.  I've used my 20 years experience in the fitness & dance Industry, and my knowledge from working with 1000's of women to create a fitness class that is fun with serious benefits.


I know first-hand just how much the right fitness, dance and wellness plan can change people's lives. Making them feel more energised, healthy, empowered and happier.


This is why I have created my Shesensu Teacher Training Course to enable you to access my training when you want, as often as you want so that you can share this new concept with your students.


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For only £150

  • Learn New Skills?

  • Generate New Income? 

  • Offer Clients Something New?

  • There is no membership needed to be a  Shesensu Teacher

  • You will receive certification upon completion

  • You can teach this anywhere worldwide

  • Access to music playlists- You need Spotify

  • You will be featured on Shesensu Website

  • Be part of growing community

  • Have access to future choreographies

  • Allowed to create your own material

  • Course Content Includes

  1. What Shesensu is

  2. Essential Physiology & Anatomy

  3. Teaching Skills

  4. Shesensu Class Content

  5. Shesensu Fitness Concepts

  6.  Choreographies

  7. Contrainindications

  8. Health  & Safety

  9. Injury & Health Conditions

  10. Special Populations

  11. Principles of Fitness

  12. Business & Marketing

  13. 121, 1 hour Zoom meeting with Tara.


  • Shesensu Course

    Shesensu Training For Fitness Trainers
    Valid for one year
    • Access To Shesensu Training Course Modules
    • Access to Shesensu Training Video Channel

ONLY £150

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