Massage and Treatments

Feeling stressed, stiff and deflated? Work frustrating you? Children driving you mad?

Stop! you need to do something for yourself! A massage gives so much more than just relaxation...

Tara is a professional trained and qualified massage therapist and aromatherapy expert. She is dedicated to helping you relax and take care of your body and your mind.

A massage from Tara is more than just a luxury pampering treat! It can help soothe your tense and tight muscles, help to lower your blood pressure by improving blood circulation, as well as relieving headaches and other stress-related aches and pains.

All the oils and creams used during treatments will be specifically selected to suit your skin type. Many are made by Tara herself using the best natural, organic products available. This personalized element of massage means you are getting an optimum treatment all whilst enhancing the quality, appearance and texture of your skin.

There is no need to carry on feeling so stiff and tense. Get in contact today and book your personalised massage treatment.


Look after yourself, treat yourself and feel great! 

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