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Gratitude Meditation to help you see potential in your day

I'm not a naturally positive person... I often find it hard to get going, to find energy and motivation. I've had to train my mind to look for the lighter things in life and this has taken a lot of dedication and is still a daily journey. I used to find the idea of gratitude journals or meditations annoying... it felt fake trying to find things to be grateful for when I wasn't feeling that way, like I was forcing happiness when actually I felt like shit. Rather then feeling grateful the gratitude practice made me feel bad for not feeling grateful when I had so much!

But then I realised its not about being positive, expecting to manifest miracles, or magically changing something in my life. Instead it was simply reminding me that today I am here, I am alive and I've been given one more chance to make a difference to my life and others. I now do a small gratitude mediation most mornings when I can, and it usually gives me a good kick up the arse to get going. It makes me see a little more potential in my day and makes me feel more compassion. This is my 10 minutes guided meditation, I hope you find it useful.

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